Lawn aeration is so essential to your lawn care regimen that it is recommended as a yearly practice, or if your lawn has been resistant to other treatments and needs a fresh start  If you’re noticing your lawn looks sparse and worn down despite consistent care, soil compaction may be to blame and aeration can help. 


At Turf Wizards, we use core aeration to break soil compaction so that grassroots have better access to the essential elements that they need to thrive. In addition to thoroughly loosening the soil, aeration has several additional benefits such as:

  • Reduced runoff and puddling
  • Deeper and stronger root networks
  • Breaking down dry yellow thatch build-up
  • Heartier grass that’s more resistant to weeds and disease
  • A lusher, healthier lawn!

We follow up our aeration service in Apex with seeding to encourage new growth and keep your turf at its best. If your lawn is ready for a refresh, get in touch with our Turf Wizards team today.